Stand Filler

To improve the overall sound quality of your system, TRIANGLE has developed Stand Filler ballast balls to weight down your speaker stand.

Made of high-density metal balls, they will make the central tube of the stands heavier in order to reduce the unwanted vibrations generated by the loudspeakers. By densifying the support, the resonances are reduced to a minimum and improve the sound overall clarity.

The Stand Filler ballast balls are compatible with the S04, S04 40th, S05, S08 and S08 C models. It is recommended to place two bags per stands for the S04, S04 40TH models and S05. We recommend four bags per stand for the S08 and S08 C.

Each box contains 4 bags of 1kg /2,2 pounds each.

Technical specifications

  • Type Metal Balls
  • Diameter 4 mm - High density metal
  • conditioning 4 bags of 1 kg
  • PACKAGING DIMENSIONS L 160 x l 220 x 40 mm