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The TRIANGLE sound can be described as extremely dynamic, balanced and focusing on that bandwidth where the music really happens. With TRIANGLE speakers, you don’t listen to a concert, you feel it.

+ Dynamic
Our horn-loaded tweeter increases the overall efficiency of the speaker, thereby producing tremendous energy and vitality.


+ Light
To create an excellent realism, as well as the finesse and details of each instrument, TRIANGLE uses light and resistant materials to maintain maximum information levels even at low volume.


+ Fast & Accurate
The woofers are designed to assure that the bass driver moves quickly and precisely. The full control of the bass allows the medium to work freely.


A real TRIANGLE trademark of technology and performance, the horn loaded tweeter uses a titanium dome in combination with a compression chamber. This technology provides high efficiency with low distortion and excellent directivity.


TRIANGLE favours cellulose pulp membranes (paper) for the midrange drivers, due to the low weight and high rigidity. Combined with the small pleated suspensions, this assures low coloration, amazing accuracy and quality of voices.


The woofers have a glass fiber membrane, with an inverted half-roll suspension, to assure the driver stops quickly and precisely. This technology prevents any unwanted resonance and produces top quality sound.