From loudspeakers to woodworking to finishing elements, the Elara, Color, 902 and Genesis ranges have evolved over time with technological research.

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Designed for both novices and music lovers alike, Plaisir is a first step in the Hi-Fi world.

Dynamic, precise and musical, this new series is a perfect fit for customers looking for a system with versatility that can fill the role as both Hi-Fi speakers and cornerstones in a home cinema setup.



Daring High Fidelity

Intuitive, daring and minimalistic - the Elara speaker range breaks the rules of classic hifi with an innovative design. The speakers are a true source of pleasure, and fit well within any interior.

Universal and versatile - Elara’s warm sound delivers great listening pleasure, no matter what your favourite musical genre is. You will never think of high-fidelity the same way again.




The Sensa loudspeakers is a compact, modern and fully connected Hi-Fi system that make you rediscover your music providing a detailed and spatialized listening.

The Sensa speakers are equipped with the latest technologies in terms of amplification to offer you a concentrate of music and fun.



Design & musicality

The 902 range inherits the high-end TRIANGLE technologies and a timeless design to offer an uncompromising sound system.



Adding color to your life

Compact and hi-tech, the color range offers an unique musical experience. The development of its components, such as the crossover and drivers, has benefitted from technological progress made by the latest Magellan program.

The Color range lets you in to discover the quality of the TRIANGLE sound.

triangle systeme acoustique multimedia amplifie color 1.2.3 lifestyle hp 01

Color 1.2.3

A concentrate of technology and energ

Compact and powerful, COLOR 123 contains all of the expertise developed by TRIANGLE in the field of acoustics and high fidelity. This small technological gem is an amplified multimedia speaker system functioning in 2.1 mode

Astonishing! As soon as you hear the first few notes, you will be impressed by the clarity of sound produced by the small cubes, which behave just like genuine TRIANGLE speakers.

TRIANGLE enceinte hifi gamme 30e anniversary HP
30 years of passion

30th Anniversary

An irresistible limited edition

In 2010, TRIANGLE, the French electro-acoustic system manufacturer, is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.

TRIANGLE invites you to discover two new speakers created and restyled specially for its thirtieth anniversary: the ANTAL and COMÈTE limited edition.