HiFi Floor Standing Speaker – Borea BR10

The flagship BR10 speaker is the highest-performing model of the BOREA range. The use of 8” drivers in the bass register extends the bandwidth and increases power handling, while keeping the TRIANGLE sonic qualities.

The BR10 has a three-way design, with a 25mm EFS tweeter and a 6” midrange driver with a cellulose pulp membrane. In the low-frequency range, the new 8” bass drivers use a membrane in fiberglass coupled with a powerful motor. As a result, the low range is smooth, fast and controlled.

It introduces a new architecture, with a separate crossover system and a dual terminal for bi-wiring or bi-amping.

Featuring a high sensitivity of 92dB, the BR10 can be combined with most powerful amplifiers on the market. With exceptional low-frequency performance and high power handling of 200W RMS, these speakers are suitable for rooms larger than 30m2. Versatile, they can be used in both Hi-Fi and home theater setups.


The Borea BR10 delivers a broad spectrum of sound, making it extremely versatile to use.

Recommended for rooms larger than 30m2, it can also be used as the main loudspeaker in your home theater setups.


For an extended bandwith

Unlike the rest of the speakers in this range, the BR10 features a 8″ transducer for low frequencies. It uses the same basic principles as the other 6″ bass drivers, with a membrane in fiberglass coupled with a powerful motor suitable for its volume load.

Fully developed by the R&D department of the French manufacturer, this driver benefits from a new basket designed for optimized ventilation, thus ensuring high power handling.

It also has a new half-roll rubber suspension to complement its motor, ensuring the speaker response is kept under control. The driver strongly reproduces each impact while leaving space for the vocal range, thus keeping an airy sound.


The BOREA BR10 speaker introduces a new architecture to the Borea range, with a separate crossover system offering various cabling and amplification options. The low frequency crossover circuitry is completely isolated from the mid-high frequency. The jumpers simply need to be removed for bi-wiring or bi-amping.

With bi-wiring, the cabling can be adapted to the frequencies being delivered, while with bi-amping, each register can be powered by a dedicated amplifier. Of course, it is possible to combine bi-amping and bi-wiring.

The BR10 is equipped with a dual terminal and can accommodate a 4mm2 cross-section cable or standard banana plugs.


Optimizing the vibration behavior of cabinets

DVAS (*Driver Vibration Absorption System) is a proprietary system unique to TRIANGLE. The BOREA floorstanders feature internal panels in MDF & EVA foam positioned against the bass drivers, stiffening the bass driver/cabinet unit.

This innovative concept reduces the vibratory behavior of the speaker and absorbs the vibrations generated by the movement of the bass drivers. The vibrations generated by the suspension of the membrane are greatly mitigated, the latter transmitting a low residual vibration to the cabinet.

It results in a better listening experience without any coloration or structure noise.


The use of 8″ drivers extends the low-frequency bandwidth. The 25mm fabric dome tweeter featuring a waveguide (EFS technology), and the midrange with its cellulose pulp membrane and small pleat suspension, remain unchanged.

The sound signature of the range is thus preserved, allowing a multitude of combinations and setups, whether in stereo or home theater, while ensuring a consistent sound.

Technical specifications

  • number of drivers 4
  • number of ways 3
  • drivers Tweeter : 25 mm - Midrange : 6" - 2 x Woofer : 8"
  • sensitivity 92 dB/W/m
  • frequency range 30 - 22 Hz- KHz
  • power handling 200 W
  • nominal impedance 8 Ω
  • minimum impedance 3 Ω
  • Low frequency roll-off 280 Hz
  • High frequency roll-off 3290 Hz
  • DIMENSIONS (inch) 9,64 x 43,7x 14,96
  • WEIGHT (unit) 59,52 lbs