Home Cinema Center Speaker – 902 Sextan

The 902 range inherits the high-end TRIANGLE design and a timeless design to offer you an uncompromising sound system that will give you the emotion you want for many years to come.

This center channel speaker is the perfect complement for the Antal 902 and the Comète 902 in a home theater system. Sextan 902 brings clarity to dialogues and let you immerse yourself in your favorite movies. Its built-in electronic protection ensures great superior reliability.

Technical specifications

  • Type Bass reflex
  • Ways 2
  • Sensitivity (dB/W/m) 91 dB/m
  • Bandwidth (+/-3dB Hz-KHz) 60 HZ - 22 KHz
  • Power handling (W Rms) 80W
  • Minimum impedance (ohms) 4 ohms
  • Cabinet dimensions (mm) 500 x 300 x 200 mm
  • Net weight (Kg) 10,65