« The Magellan is the jewel in the crown, a magnificent blend of TRIANGLE, craftsmanship, pure luxury and cutting edge technology.

The ambitious Magellan program represents five years of research, and a passionate non compromising quest for perfection. It’s a harmonious combination of fine materials and latest technology, which pushes limits to their upmost in every detail.

The Magellan is a rare precision-piece manufactured by expert hands, to be cherished and rediscovered every single day.

Magellan invites you to journey…

Close your eyes and let yourself simply drift along with the music. »

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Dynamic Pulse SYstem

With the DPS II system, the sound of a speaker quality is improved by reducing the directivity of the latter. The addition of speakers on the back of the speaker improves the sound balance by radiating almost as much energy to the front and rear of the transmission point.

Thus Magellan loudspeakers have a greater openness of the soundstage without distorting the original signal, while allowing easier placement in the room acoustically.

An outstanding power handling

This system consists of a heat sink ring in contact with the back of the yoke – the heat conduction ring. This ring collects heat dissipated from the core and the yoke and brings it to a finned cover. It results an increase in power handling capacity to 200 Watts RMS per woofer. This effective heat dissipation system protects from any risks of thermal runaway improving greatly the overall drivers performance. We recorded a difference of 20° on average over 120 minutes, with a pink noise registered at 100 watts and filtered with high pass at 80Hz.


MAGELLAN enclosure went through an elaborate series of tests to make sure they are rigid enough to withstand the powerful vibrations generated by the woofers at high volume levels. We took great care in rigidifying our enclosures, basing the design on exhaustive measurements by means of laser-beam accelerometer. As a result we can eliminate almost all of the unwanted vibrations while controlling the structural behavior of the enclosures themselves.

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