Mounted HiFi Speaker Cable – Symphonie

Jewel of the range, the conductors of the Symphonie cable are made of OFHC strands of very high purity (Oxygen free copper, 99.999%) benefiting from a special treatment reducing loss to the maximum.

In order to eliminate any distortion and electromagnetic disturbance, the conductors benefit from a double insulating jacket made of polyvinyl chloride separated from an antistatic sheet. It is completed with an outer sheath of fabric for better protection. Factory mounted, the banana plugs have a special treatment (silver plating) that minimizes distortion. Anodized aluminium caps ensure excellent signal protection.

Available in 2x3m (SYS30A) and 2x5m (SYS50A) in a 2.5mm section.

cable enceinte haut-parleur triangle


In order to deliver perfectly the musical message, the Symphonie cables use many insulation layers to prevent any sound distortion and electro-magnetic disruption.

At the heart of the cable there is 7 sections of OFHC strand (High purity copper). One layer of insulation PVC, one antistatic sheet, one thick PVC Jacket of 7mm and a PP fabric mesh come around it. The Symphony cables will bring more clarity and openness to your Hifi system and improve your listening experience.

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Technical specifications

  • Type Mounted speaker cable
  • Section 2.5 mm / 0.09"
  • Length 2 x 2.5 m / 2 x 8.2 ft
  • Strands Very high purity OFHC cable (99,999%)
  • Jacket Double PVC insulating jacket separated from an antistatic sheet and braided fabric jacket
  • Banana plugs Silver plated, anodized aluminum caps