HiFi & Home Cinema Subwoofer – Tales 400

The TALES series features versatile amplifiers for hi-fi/home theater that are great value for money.

TALES 400 is no exception to this rule and offers a subwoofer within the finest audiophile tradition, bass reflex configuration and a downward facing driver for seamless sound dispersion. The subwoofer has a frequency response down to 20Hz, providing fast bass with lot of impact. Its 30cm (12 inch) driver with an extremely stiff diaphragm is powered by a 300W Rms Class D amplifier giving speed and control to the drive unit.

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Technical specifications

  • Type Subwoofer Bass Reflex
  • Driver diameter 30 mm
  • Phase 0-180°
  • Bandwidth 25 Hz – 120 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • RMS amplifier output RMS 300 W - Classe D
  • Inputs LFE, L&R low level
  • Dimensions 393 x 408 x 434 mm
  • Net Weight 11,53 kg