HiFi Subwoofer – Thetis 320

The Thetis 320 subwoofer has a closed cabinet, equipped with an 10” driver with half roll suspension. In order to reduce vibrations, the cabinet has been carefully designed with ingeniously placed internal reinforcements.

Equipped with a class D amplifier of 250-watt RMS and 400 watt peak power, Thetis 320 produces an amazing sound for such a small enclosure. It also features a remote control and a sound level indicator on the front panel so you can adjust the subwoofer perfectly.

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Technical specifications

  • Type Subwoofer Close
  • Driver diameter 250 mm
  • Bandwidth 25 Hz – 120 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • RMS amplifier output RMS 250 W - Classe D
  • Inputs LFE, L&R high and low level
  • Dimensions 360 x 320 x 320 mm
  • Net Weight 14,4 kg