HiFi Floor Standing Speaker – Borea BR09

The flagship of the range, the Borea BR09 is a floorstander designed in the purest hi-fi tradition. In it’s 1.1 meters height, it comprises of technology and TRIANGLE know-how.

Its three-way design allocates a transducer to each frequency range for a precise vocal reproduction and depth at low frequency, whilst maintaining a wide soundstage.

The BR09 provides a physical make up similar to that of the most high-end systems. Its three 16cm bass drivers operate in a large “bass-reflex” enclosure, thus enabling the speaker to go down to 35Hz.

Thanks to its delivery of lower frequencies and its high-power handling, this speaker is perfectly suited to larger rooms (more than 30m2).

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Technical specifications

  • number of drivers 5
  • number of ways 3
  • sensitivity 92 dB/W/m
  • frequency range 35-22 Hz- KHz
  • power handling 170 W
  • nominal impedance 8 Ω
  • minimum impedance 3,3 Ω
  • Low frequency roll-off 310 Hz
  • High frequency roll-off 3900 Hz
  • DIMENSIONS 206 x 1095 x 314
  • WEIGHT 23,4 kg