Hi-Fi Bookshelf speaker – 40th Anniversary Comète

Antal and Comète are two emblematic models of the brand. They reflect the philosophy of the company: making sound accessible to the widest variety of customers possible through simple processes designed to foster emotion.

The Comète bookshelf speaker has seduced generations of audiophiles with its spacious sound and incredible delivery of lower frequencies. This 40th Anniversary Edition follows the same principles and benefits from the latest optimizations of the Antal model.

It features new rose gold anodized magnesium dome tweeter, offering high efficiency and controlled distortion. Magnesium combines two desired qualities: lightness and rigidity.

It also has a new midrange/bass driver in natural cellulose paper, this time with an engine and suspensions adapted for a wider spectrum of sound. Clarity, details of the vocal range, and incredible delivery of lower frequencies are its main qualities.

Each speaker integrates an accessory kit with various adaptable spikes to be used depending on your flooring. They enable decoupling by eliminating unwanted vibrations; so only the sound quality remains. The 40th Anniversary Edition has been designed and developed with thoroughness to offer you an exceptional music experience.

With its dedicated speaker stand, the S04 40th Anniversary, this speaker will be perfect for rooms smaller than 25m2.


After the success of the prestigious Santos Rosewood finish of the 40th Anniversary Edition, TRIANGLE unveils this year a new Golden Oak finish.

The Antal 40th and Comète 40th are embellished with authentic and slightly honey-colored wood. This natural veneer brings a breath of modernity to the range, with a softer, more colorful note and a more distinctive grain.

ANTAL 40th COMÈTE 40th


High-density cabinet and optimized internal reinforcements offer this range a proven rigidity, without any perceptible coloration.

The rare wood species chosen with care: Santos rosewood and blond Sycamore offer prestigious finishes and a breathtaking rendering.



Entirely redesigned and improved, the legendary speakers Antal & Comète feature the latest acoustic innovations from the R&D department.

Between legacy and perpetual quest for innovation, these 40th Anniversary Limited Edition speakers embody the philosophy of TRIANGLE.



The second iconic model of the brand, the Comète, a more compact speaker, incorporates the basics of the Antal 40th.

With its dedicated speaker stand, the S04 40th Anniversary, this speaker will be perfect for rooms smaller than 25m2.


TRIANGLE is French craftsmanship. The specialists who have been working with us for more than 20 years know everything about speakers and acoustics and meet the highest standards around.

The Antal 40th and the Comète 40th are speakers entirely designed and manufactured from our French manufacture, a real guarantee of quality.


Technical specifications

  • number of drivers 2
  • number of ways 2
  • Tweeter diameter 25 mm
  • Medium diameter 16,5 cm
  • sensitivity 90 (dB/W/m)
  • frequency range 47 Hz – 22 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • power handling 90 W
  • nominal impedance 8 Ω
  • minimum impedance 4,2 Ω
  • DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) 200 x 400 x 324 mm
  • WEIGHT 8,8 kg